All you really need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt ~ Charles Schultz

What is cacao you may ask?  Cacao is chocolate!  But in its raw, unaltered form.  When we consume cacao in this form we receive amazing health benefits!  Cacao is known as a ‘Superfood’ which means not only is it food, it is also medicine.   Not only is cacao is filled with nutrients and minerals, but this magical superfood has been used for thousands of years by Mayan and Aztec Shamans in Ceremony.  When we drink the traditional ceremonial cacao, we are led into a wonderful heart filled space.  A space where we can go within and heal, become inspired and create. 

While travelling in Guatemala, Kara was taught how to prepare this drink by a Mayan Shaman.  We use cacao in many ceremonies and also collaborate with other facilitators adding cacao to their offerings. 

If you would like to try this beautiful plant medicine, please join us for a Moon or Sun ceremony.  And stay tuned to the SoulShine Events for a ceremony near you!