You Got to Let Your SoulShine

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  With all of my heart, I believe that we are always exactly where we are meant to be…. even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.  When I look back on my life I can see how every little step along the way, the hills and the valleys, have led me to this point right now.

SoulShine Wellness was birthed from SoulShine Kitchen, an amazing little catering company that I shared with my person, Valerie Boulet. We created amazing food, sharing our philosophy that “Food is Medicine” and inspired others to come over to the plant based world.

Nine months after we started, things began to shift. Valerie was moving away, and the Kitchen biz just didn’t feel the same without her. I knew that this was all exactly how it was meant to be.  Although I had no idea what direction my life or SoulShine would take, I just tried to remain in my center and trust that what was next for me would unfold at the perfect time.

One day I was sitting pondering my life (what else is new!?).  I was starting to feel a little anxious on the work front so decided to start jotting down thoughts and ideas on what was next.  I focused on modalities that I could offer, and within 3 minutes my list was complete and SoulShine Wellness (SSW) was born! I was able to combine every modality, training, passion and desire into one place; which felt like a “hell yes” to me.

In the time that SSW has been here, my own growth and passions continue to evolve. Which is a beautiful thing! The more I learn about myself and my own journey, the more I want to share my SOUL SHINE with others; through, RETREATS, WORKSHOPS, YOGA, 1:1 ALCHEMY SESSIONS and all of the other offerings you will find here.

My wish is for you to feel at home here on this site.  My goal is to create a loving community inspired by living life to the fullest.  Honouring each other along our journey and finding inspiration, here, and within ourselves! 

Reach out any time!  Join me for a retreat, ceremony circle, a workshop, or one on one mentoring. 

Until our paths cross, always remember to SHARE YOUR SHINE!

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