This Woman's Work

I am truly blessed.  This I know for sure.  At the core of life's stormy lessons, I have a group of amazing women.  After I posted my last Diary Entry (Just Breathe), I was amazed at how many women reached out. Not just women who form my inner circle, but also women who I have never even met.   Not only were these women checking in to make sure that I was ok (and that I hadn't hopped in my car to get the hell out of dodge),  but also, to share their own stories.  To let me know that 'they had been there too'.  At first I felt a little uncomfortable with all of the attention.  Not the sharing and relating,  but with the check ins.  You see, I have a really hard time opening up and admitting when things are not "One Hundo P".  Showing that side of myself kind of makes me feel weak and uncomfortable.  To me, being a strong woman is where its at.  But, what JUST BREATHE really taught me is that when we share our stories of struggle and hard times, it encourages other women to share as well.  We feel heard, and supported.  Turns out sharing our struggles isn't weak after all.  It is courageous and strong.


I have the honour of holding a women's circle every month. Each time we meet, I am reminded how integral it is to have other women in your corner.  I feel that women have become so disconnected from each other and have lost touch with true sisterhood. Last month in our New Moon Ceremony, we did a ritual and set intentions for the upcoming month.  It was beautiful & intense.  SHIT GOT REAL.  Some of us broke down, potentially for the first time ever in front of a group.  And as scary as that was, it was also the most powerful thing I have ever witnessed.  The healing that took place after each individual (heart opening) moment was pure magic.  These women supported, listened, held space and FULLY loved one another.  And through all of that, transformation happened before my very eyes.  What I consider true alchemy.  I could see each woman in the group grow lighter and shine brighter through each 'confession'.   Whether it was their story or not.  


Opening up to others and being vulnerable can be scary as hell.  When I am honest and show my true self (which sometimes ain't pretty), I feel an un-ease wash over my entire body. Kind of like I am holding on to the edge of a cliff.   BUT! Each time I allow my truth to come out, I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  When I speak my truth and am surrounded by my tribe, I feel heard.  I feel supported and above all else, LOVED for exactly where I am.  So ladies, no matter where you are on YOUR journey, find your tribe.  Start your own monthly women's circle, or reach out and join ours.  No matter what it looks like, just be there for all of the women in your life.  Heck, be there for women who you hardly know.  Just be there.  Unconditionally.  Listen to her stories, her pain, her joys, and FEEL it all.  If you do this and allow someone to do this for you, I promise, you too will experience a healing alchemy and re-discover the lost art of sisterhood.  Which to me is the real "Woman's Work".



*this song was my inspiration <3 * 








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