When I started my own Divine Feminine Awakening in 2012, I had NO idea that I was actually stepping into my sacred mission.

But now that I am here, I cannot think of anything else that I would rather do.

I am beyond excited to share this 4 DAY ON-LINE MASTERCLASS with you all!

I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude for ALL that is. Gratitude for all of YOU! Gratitude for this incredible life of mine.

My intention for this Masterclass is to reach all of the hearts that are ready to re-connect with your true divine essence. To guide you back to your bright SHINY self and inspire you to become a beacon for all other women in your life. 🌹

It is time for the Feminine to RISE AGAIN.

During this 4 Days, you will receive online video teachings and a Divine Feminine Re-Awakening Workbook packed with inspiration, ritual + space for reflection.

This is a FREE offering from my heart to yours. All that I ask in return is to hear the call and open your heart to the mystery of the feminine within. She has been waiting for you.

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