Self Care is the main essential to manifesting anything in your lifE.



Let’s face it.  We all live incredibly busy lives.  Our society has become filled with busyness syndrome, needing to fill every blank space in our calendars.  I took my first retreat 6 years ago, and since then I make it a practice to do one at least once a year.  A little time away from the busy, gives us a chance to recharge our batteries, take time for just us, go within and connect with really amazing people.

We have created some pretty incredible opportunities to take time for just YOU.  Whether you join us for a day long retreat or take the leap and sign up for a week, I promise you will never be sorry.  I always remind myself that you can’t draw water from an empty well. 


What does it mean to reset?  To me, resetting means to come back to my center.  To come back to my true heart’s desire; the place where I feel totally in harmony with what my body, mind and spirit desire.  In our daily lives we are all constantly accumulating toxins.  Whether it be from our environment that we live or work, or from the foods we eat.  This can leave our body & mind feeling sluggish and lacking vitality.

SoulShine Resets are mainly food based.  Cleanses and detoxes paired with yoga are an amazing way to guide us back to health and harmony.  Taking a break from our regular lives and lifestyles and focusing on what nourishes us, is truly liberating!

SoulShine offers week long Yoga Detox Programs 3 times each year.  Click HERE to find out more 

We also love to work one on one and design Mini Resets which are 3-5 days in total and are made just for YOU.