SoulShine 1:1 Alchemy Session

Hello! I am so happy that you have made it here. You have taken a big step! I am honoured that you have found me, and know that just by you reading this means that you are ready to re-discover your SHINE! Each time we choose to dive deeper into ourself powerful things happen.

A SoulShine 1:1 Alchemy Session is a gift from me to you. Accepting this gift, means that you and I will connect through time + space and you are invited to share whatever your heart desires. Maybe we will be drawn to work together, or maybe you just need some time to express. No matter what this looks like, I am here for you.

My sacred service is to remind you that you are perfect just the way you are. To remind you that all of the answers that you seek, are already within. My SOUL simply wants to SHINE a light into your heart, and guide you back to this truth.

This truth, is that you have so much RADIANCE that is just waiting for you to embody, and I am so grateful to support you in finding your shine.

Just a little about me, I am a passionate healer. Throughout my 20 year journey, I have studied many different modalities: Homeopathy, Nutrition, Radionics, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Midwifery & Birth Assistant. I have hosted workshops, retreats, women’s circles and work 1:1 with clients/patients, and loved every moment! I have been blessed to assist and hold space for many women on their own healing journey and that is a beautiful thing to witness.

During this time of intense study, I dove head first into my own personal healing. This has taken me around the world working with powerful healers and Shamans. I have attended many workshops and retreats myself and have acquired many ‘tools’ along the way. I have always known in order to support others, I must do my own inner work first. In order to inspire others to SHINE, I had to first re-connect to my own radiance! All of this experience has led me here: to a place where I can provide loving support to you!

Let’s get started by selecting a time that works for us both. Your time zone should be automatically detected, but if it doesn’t come up simply change it in the drop down box below.

I can’t wait to connect.

Much Love, Kara Davison
SoulShine Wellness