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RE-awaken the divine feminine within-1 day retreat-saturday april 27,2019

Sisters, you are invited to join us as we explore and Re-Awaken our true Divine Femininity. We will flow through the day with grace and intention, with YOGA, CONNECTION + SISTERHOOD. This 1 Day Retreat will reconnect you to the essence within your SOUL that is ready to shine; that space which allows us to nourish ourselves, to honour our needs and to listen to our intuition. The place inside of us that is ready to rise again.

We will flow through the day nurturing our body with a gentle Vinyasa Yoga practice + a delicious vegan lunch. An inspiring workshop will take us through the afternoon and we will close with a guided Yoga Nidra practice.

This day is created just for YOU with the intention for you to feel nourished, supported and fully connected to your heart. We will create a safe space with other sisters, who just like you, need some time just for themselves. A space to freely share and support one another.

chakras + yoga-7 week series-thornbury,on

Join us as we journey though 7 weeks of aligning our CHAKRAS, through YOGA + MEDIATION + MANTRA. Each week we will discuss and explore the qualities of each Chakra, move through a YOGA ASANA practice, enjoy guided YOGA NIDRA and MANTRA.

This 7 week journey will allow you to tap into your chakras and discover you true essence of alignment and vibrancy.

This event has limited availability! Reserve your place here 👇

YOGA + FOOD DETOx: May 2-9, 2019

Join us for a week of whole foods paired with yoga and meditation.  During this week, we will work together as a group and support one another while bringing our bodies back to an alkaline state.  This cleanse is food based with an optional one day of juice only.  There are 3 yoga classes throughout the week all created to assist the cleanse.  There are TWO versions of this cleanse: Local in person & On-Line.